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Label M4

Product Code: K-228-160-110/2

Usage Areas :
-    Packaging industry
-    Automotive industry
-    Rack identification systems
-    Barcode transport systems​


Specifications :

  • Through to the transparent front surface, it provides high quality reading of the document or barcode in the pocket.

  • The double-sided sticky on the back of the PVC material has a mesh reinforcement feature. It provides strong adhesion on the ground where it is used. When it is desired to separate it from the applied surface, it does not leave particles or glue on the floor.

  • It can be produced with logo embossed upon request.

  • Automatic production is carried out on a fully automated machine, welding quality is standard in all products produced.

  • Its production capacity is high and order quantities are completed in minimum time.

Kanban-K-160-228-216 05.jpg
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